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Mission Statement

RISE, Inc. is a non-profit public benefit Corporation serving the rural community to enhance the quality of life and opportunity for self-sufficiency.


Our vision is to build healthy strength based communities, where everyone's talents and gifts are shared. RISE's vision is to foster communities where all individuals feel connected and valued.

Core Values

  • Integrity

  • One RISE

  • Empathy

  • Creativity

  • Connections

  • Strengths


RISE (Rural Innovations in Social Economics) Inc. organized as a public benefit non-profit [501.c.3] corporation in March 1987. Since it's inception, RISE Inc. has been endorsed by the community as the social service delivery entity in rural Western Yolo County. The Organization's specialty is rural program design and delivery; it's strength is engaging the community in active self-determination and motivated self-sufficiency. The Winters and Esparto-Capay Valley Region encourages all human and social services to be clustered under the RISE Community Service Center umbrella. This incubation of services and programs has increased efficiency and is cost-effective.


Founders of RISE Inc. and Co-Executive Directors for 25 years

Tammy Fullerton & Cathie Wicks

RISE has a strong record of financial stability, budget management, and administrative capability. RISE has a loyal Board of Directors, employs program-specific staff, completes annual audits, and has numerous contractual and grant-funded programs to benefit local residents and community development ventures in the Winters and Esparto-Capay Valley Region of Western Yolo County

Since incorporating over 30 years ago RISE has provided a wide range of social services to our communities. RISE Inc. provides and delivers seamless services to the entire population of Western Rural Yolo County. We provide services from pre-school experiences through senior citizen recreation and resource programs. RISE provides after school programs funded through the California Department of Education(CDE), Workforce Innovation Programs for youth(WIOA), emergency food, clothing, and a variety of resource and referral services to all community members. Once of our most impactful partners is the Yocha Dehe Community Fund. This partnership funds our summer recreation programs, senior citizen services, and Mental Health Services. RISE is truly the "one stop shop" for social services in Western Rural Yolo County and a strong resiliency catalyst for young people in the community.  

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