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School Based 

Mental Health Program

Our School-Based Mental Health Program promotes behavioral and mental health wellness and currently partners with the public schools of Esparto and Winters, as well as Sci-Tech Academy in Knights Landing.

Our highly skilled therapists are placed within schools to aid in the reduction of mental health stigma by providing access to barriers through cultural responsiveness and timely treatment. Students of all ages who could benefit from individual therapy will meet with a therapist, one-on-one, to identify needs, and to set goals. As needed, therapists will work with caregivers, teachers, and medical staff to resolve issues associated with identified goals.

In partnership with Winters Healthcare, RISE Inc, has developed an adolescent substance abuse program to engage teens at middle school and high school campuses in Esparto and Winters who may need help managing alcohol and drug abuse. Decisions about alcohol and drug use tend to be among the most common challenges encountered by adolescents.

Good mental health is critical to children's success in school and life. Students who receive social-emotional and mental health support, perform better academically. Left unmet, mental health problems can result in academic and behavior problems, dropping out, and delinquency. Professional therapists are available to help students work through a wide variety of issues that they might be facing

Call one of our administrative offices for school referral information:

Esparto: (530)787-4110 / Winters: (530)794-6000

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